How to watch Parx-19: Racing gloves in the live feed

Racing gloves are essential in the parx-dominant FIA World Endurance Championship, where the most important equipment is the driver’s gear.The FIA has confirmed to that the FIA World Superbike Championship will not be affected by Parx’s announcement that the gloves will not allow the driver to drive the bike.The decision means that the riderRead More

What happens when a horse dies in a racing helmet?

Fox Sports will show the world a new version of its popular “Bareback Sunday” segment, and it’s an episode that pits the human and animal world against each other.The episode is set to air in November and features “The Biggest Loser,” “The Real World: San Diego” and “Biggest Losers 2.”A preview clip shows a horseRead More

Which glove brands are racing the most?

When racing gloves are used to grip the grips on your gloves and you’re wearing them for extended periods of time, it can cause irritation and can make your hands itch.But if you’re just getting started with gloves, we’ve gathered the best racing gloves for the job.The gloves that we tested are the ones thatRead More

How Donald Trump’s war on Christmas is working in 2018

President Donald Trump and his Republican allies have been ramping up their campaign against Christmas celebrations across the country.The president has called for states to declare “miserable holidays” and has threatened to impose a 10 percent tax on all Christmas-related goods.But a growing number of economists say that the president’s actions have been hurting theRead More

New greyhound racing gloves to come on sale this year

The new racing gloves will come on the market later this year and will include racing wheels, racing gloves and racing tires.The greyhound race gloves are designed to help improve the comfort and performance of racing and they are expected to be offered to racing companies in the summer.They will be available from all theRead More

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