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ABOUT BARVISION: Liquor and beer cost control make or break a venue. Yet current products, methods, and services used to control liquor cost are awful. BarVision changes all that. BarVision is a free pour system that tracks liquor and beer pours, connects with your POS system, and gives automated performance reporting. Where else can you view your key performance metrics on any device, easily identify areas that need immediate action or see performance details down to the minute?

BarVision has eight solid patents and hundreds of spouts being installed everyday. Cut your cost, reduce your time and know your numbers!




ABOUT EAGLE TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS: Traditionally, CCTV offerings have been an enormous investment for businesses and organizations that produced little, if any, return on investment.  CCTV has been used solely for surveillance.  It is little wonder that choosing a provider/integrator, allocating the required budget, trying to justify the investment, and scheduling rollouts has been a dreaded process for senior management - not to mention the ongoing maintenance and replacements.  Eagle Tech changes all of this with its’ disruptive video solution offerings.

Eagle Tech Systems provides businesses and organizations with powerful information based on capturing video and, in some cases, correlating video with other data and business information in the cloud.

Eagle Tech utilizes the best available technologies for capturing and analyzing video and correlating it to other information to bring value to your bottom line.  Eagle Tech can quickly and cost effectively implement even the largest technology rollouts because it currently serves over 12,000 businesses throughout North America, including 49 of the 50 U.S. states and every major Canadian city, as well as Mexico. Website:













 ABOUT THE B+ FOUNDATION: The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation honors the memory of Andrew McDonough. Andrew's mom, dad and sister founded The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation. The overall goal of The B+ Foundation is to "Do Good". During the racing season, Al Carter and Hugh Plumb visit kids with cancer in hospitals before racing events to make a positive difference and keep the "B+" message alive through outreach efforts and talks.The B+ Foundation provides financial assistance to families of children with cancer nationwide. In the last two years, The B+ Foundation awarded over $1,000,000 to families of children with cancer while giving nearly $1,000,000 to support research efforts. Information about the Foundation and its activities can be found at


SIDESKINZ: SIDESKINZ design and manufacture the finest high end leather accessories. SIDESKINZ products are made of the finest natural exotic skins in the world, including alligator, crocodile, and ostrich, each with its own distinctive pattern, feel, and intangible aura. Available in only a selection of specialty retailers or online, the SIDESKINZ collection offers luxury items including wallets, money clips, cell phone cases, and lap top covers.


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About CarryOn: is a new social travel site that delivers crowdsourced travel deals and group savings for individual members. CarryOn shoppers follow crowds, share trips with their friends and watch their crowds grow until deals are activated, delivering unparalleled savings. Hotels and airlines review the resulting crowd based demand and non-personally identifiable traveler data to determine unique crowd deals that CarryOn sends to their members. Every shopper has the ability to review the crowd deal before entering their credit card information so that they know exactly where they will stay, which airline they will fly, and what rental car class they will drive before they finalize their decision to buy.


CarryOn’s members directly benefit from the travel industry’s richest rewards program by earning points immediately after they create an account and continue to earn points when they travel. They also earn points from their friends’ trips, perfect for active race fans that enjoy traveling with friends to each speedway on their personal bucket lists. Points are redeemable for free travel without blackout date restrictions.