Which car is fastest in Formula 1?

Racing pigeons are in the news after a series of incidents in recent seasons, and while it’s easy to point fingers at the drivers, the sport’s governing body has a lot to answer for.This year, the FIA’s race regulations were amended to prohibit a car from racing in a certain way if it was usingRead More

How to get an F1 car back after a crash

When you crash, you need to get out of the car.However, there is a certain amount of time between each crash.If you are not able to get to the crash site, you can go back to the track to complete the track.The first thing to do is make sure that the track has a safeRead More

Which is the Best Drone Racing League in the World?

Rich Marshall Childress Racing’s drone racing championship is now more than six years old, and the sport is now as big as it was when it first launched in 2014.It is also, quite literally, a big-name event.On the eve of the third annual Drone Racing World Championships, which begins this week in Florida, we caughtRead More

Car Racing Game Released for iPhone, iPad

Car Racing Games has released its racing game for iPhone and iPad.The Car Racing game is a free-to-play, high-speed racing game that allows players to take control of the car of their choice as they race across a variety of tracks, from racetracks in the Netherlands to an obstacle course in Japan.The game allows forRead More

When is the last time you used a Cosmis Racing Wheels?

The Cosmis racing wheel is the perfect way to get around Melbourne’s CBD and the city centre.You don’t need to be a Formula 1 fan to enjoy a ride with Cosmis, as their racing wheel features a carbon fibre tubular frame.It has a wide range of tyres including race tyres, tyres designed for road courses,Read More

How to watch Parx-19: Racing gloves in the live feed

Racing gloves are essential in the parx-dominant FIA World Endurance Championship, where the most important equipment is the driver’s gear.The FIA has confirmed to Motorsport.com that the FIA World Superbike Championship will not be affected by Parx’s announcement that the gloves will not allow the driver to drive the bike.The decision means that the riderRead More

What to watch for when it comes to horse racing games

Racing video game developers are getting ready to release a new racing video game, and it’s based on the hit TV show.GameSpot is reporting the game will be called Factory Five Racing, and will launch this fall.It will be available for $30.The new game is based on a classic racing game called Factory 5, andRead More

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