The Town of Nanton is reminding their residents to dispose of their yard waste appropriately if they don't want to see higher taxes.

"Our contracted service provider, T&T Disposal, over the last month or so, have been reporting to us a significant increase in weight in garbage receptacles. Largely from yard waste, " explains the Town's Chief Administrative Officer, Neil Smith. "Which could be deposited at no charge at our yard waste area, elsewhere in town."

Smith says the added weight in the trucks from the yard waste makes it so the Town has to pay more at the Foothills Landfill.

"We'd have to take that into account when we renew contractual work with any contracted service provider collecting garbage. We have a very good arrangement with T&T Disposal at the present, but needs a renewal quite soon. And if their costs and our costs go up significantly, there will be a tax implication from that in future years," Smith says.

Things like grass clippings, branches 5 cm in diameter or smaller, and leaves and other natural debris should be brought to the property at 1914 19th Ave, but make sure none of the items have any packaging on them prior to dropping them off.

"We don't want construction waste, we don't want regular waste, we don't want kitchen waste, but we will take yard waste," Smith explains. "Our yard waste area is not a transfer station for solid waste, it's simply a place for yard waste disposal from your garden."

It is free to drop yard waste off at this property.

"As one of our staff pointed out, it's not prohibited to put it into your garbage, at this point in time, but we do encourage people to try and divert that waste to the yard waste area, however they can. Maybe work with their neighbours or friends to do that, because it does help us keep our costs down. We are mobilized to do that kind of processing work at the yard waste area, and it's operated like that for many years, even though Council reviewed it quite recently. So, we just encourage people to use the area."

To learn more about what can head to the yard waste yard, head over to the Town of Nanton Website.

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