Kids are out of school but that doesn't mean they have to stop learning.

The historical Downtown Walking Tours are back at the Museum of the Highwood and so are Family Fun Friday's.

Curator Irene Kerr says their new Young Canada Works in Heritage summer student Lauren is ready to host both for both kids and adults.

"One is our Family Fun Fridays, and that is actually this year going to be every second Friday. And the first one is this coming Friday [July 5] from 1 to 4 p.m. So hopefully the weather's good it'll be out on the deck. And every week sheds a different theme."

And the historical Downtown Walking Tours are also back with summer student Lauren also heading that up.

"She will be offering the tours every Wednesday and Saturday starting at 2 p.m. Just meet at the museum, you don't have to pre-book or anything, just show up. She'll just be doing a walk-through downtown talking about the murals and some of the art and the landmarks."

They will also tour through George Lane Park.

A recently posted photo from their Facebook page showcases the deeply rooted history of High River.

Here's the caption that was added to the post.

"Another great photo of fabulous 4th Avenue S.W. looking east before the sandstone train station opened in 1912. You can see the Oxford Hotel across the tracks. The writing is not a mistake. For many years streets in High River were avenues and avenues were streets. We don't know exactly when it was switched or why. Maybe to align with Calgary where avenues run east/west and streets north/south."

Check with the museum for more information.