The Okotoks Dawgs start July with a win against the Swift Current 57s in a 10-4 victory on Canada Day.

The scene was set at Seaman Stadium tonight (July 1) with the Dawgs wearing their red uniforms and the bases painted red. Brendan Luther would be the first to be introduced in the game as he came running out with the Canadian flag.

Brettyn Rose sang the national anthem and the crowd was packed even though the clouds looked dark to start the game.

Nash Crowell with an out at first base.Nash Crowell with an out at first base.

Dawgs veteran Graham Brunner who hails from Sherwood Park took the mound to start the game. Brunner would get the win, pitching in four full innings. Brunner would punch out the 57s six times with strikeouts.

Swift Current scored in the top of the first inning to open the scoring but Dawgs answered back in the bottom of the third. While Logan Grant was up to bat, Lou Anderson got across home plate during a putout to tie the game at one apiece.

The fourth inning was all Dawgs as the 57s got blanked and Okotoks followed up with five runs at the bottom of the inning.

Aidan Rose would get two RBIs after hitting a single to right field with bases loaded and got Nash Crowell and Tucker Zdunich across home plate to give the Dawgs their first lead of the ball game.

Luther would come out next earning a walk to get bases loaded again for the Dawgs. Luther was on first, Rose on second, and Caleb Lumbard on third.

With the bases loaded Grant made no mistake and hit a double to right field getting Lumbard, Rose, and Luther all in for runs. The Dawgs took a 6-1 lead into the fifth inning.

Brendan Luther sliding into home after Logan Grant hit a double.Brendan Luther sliding into home after Logan Grant hit a double.

The 57s got across home plate once in the top of the fifth inning, the Dawgs picked up a single run of their own to answer back at the bottom of the seventh.

Barry Eiseman picked up the RBI in the seventh after hitting a single and getting Crowell in for a run, retaking the five-run lead.

Okotoks got their final runs of the night in the bottom of the eight. Jarrett Burney scored the first run for the Dawgs in the inning after substituting for Connor Crowson.

Brendan Luther with a successful bunt.Brendan Luther with a successful bunt.

Eric Machej and Eric Hartman got the game's final runs for the Dawgs after Eiseman got onto first base on an error by the 57s' first baseman.

Swift Current scored twice at the top of the ninth but, it was too little, too late.

The Dawgs have a day off tomorrow then head to Lethbridge to play the Bulls on Wednesday night at 7:05.