There's less than a month left to claim a $1,000,000 winning lottery ticket that was drawn last July in Alberta, and with the recent luck of locals winning massive cash prizes, you might want to check your pockets and drawers.

According to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC), someone in Alberta - outside of the major cities of Edmonton and Calgary drew the winning LOTTO 6/49 Gold Ball Draw on July 22, 2023. The winning numbers are 35610918-01.

"DAILY GRAND, LOTTO MAX, LOTTO 6/49, WESTERN 649, WESTERN MAX, POKER LOTTO, EXTRA, KENO and PICK tickets expire one year from the draw date," the WCLC stated on their website, which means time is running out for the winner.

Then there's another winning LOTTO 6/49 ticket that was drawn on August 2, 2023, worth $34,155.70, with the winning numbers: 4,7,9,25,34,48,42. In the past week, locals' luck has paid off.

Earlier this week, it was announced that a Calgary couple has won $7 million on the DAILY GRAND May 27 draw. Andrea and John Wittig said they typically buy scratch tickets for the holidays but aren’t regular lottery players. When Andrea went to check the DAILY GRAND ticket, she bought on a whim in-store, their win became an immediate celebration.

"[The cashier] checked it for me," Andrea explained. "Then he just looked at me and said ‘Congratulations!’ It took me a long time to realize just how much I’d won but suddenly everyone [in the store] was congratulating me."

John had been waiting in the car at the time and was confused at first about what had happened.

"[Andrea] was staring out the window at me and suddenly there were tears," he said. "Half a dozen people came out of the store to tell me congratulations. It was quite an experience!"

The Wittigs purchased their DAILY GRAND ticket from Real Canadian Superstore located at 100-15915 Macleod Trail in Calgary. They matched all five main numbers from the May 27 draw – 16, 27, 36, 45, and 47 as well as the Grand Number 2 – to win the game's top prize: $1,000 a day for life or a single payment of $7 million. The couple chose the lump sum prize.

The Calgary couple said they are still figuring out exactly what this money means for their future, but they have a couple of ideas in mind.

"It is one thing to say ‘$7 million,’ and another thing entirely to wrap your head around!" laughed Andrea. "We are excited to help our kids and maybe go on a vacation,” she continued. “We were thinking maybe a European River Cruise!"

And on Tuesday, another lucky Calgarian won $1 million on the May 15 LOTTO 6/49 draw.

"Christine Popowezki is one of several Calgary residents to win big on LOTTO 6/49 over the last few months! The Calgarian won $1 million on the LOTTO 6/49 Gold Ball Draw for May 15," The WCLC said.

"I scanned the ticket myself [at the Lotto Spot scanner] and had misplaced my glasses," she laughed. "I thought it was $1,000 at first, then I was just in complete shock!"

Popowezki said before this win, her largest prize had been $75—a far cry from her new $1 million windfall. She said she intends to use some of her winnings to enjoy retirement and will also share it with family.

Popowezki purchased her winning ticket at Lyn-Lyn Lottery and Remittance Kiosk in the Superstore located at Unit 1 - 10505 Southport Rd SW in Calgary. She won her prize in the Gold Ball draw on May 15, with the selection 20358121-01, a white ball.