When it comes to racking up the best dirt racking seats in racing, it’s the Jegs Racing Racking Seat (and the SeatGeek app)

The best seats on the market.

So why do we care?

For a couple of reasons.


The seats are good.

We’ve raved about the seats on our blog before.


You can get the seats for less than $10 per seat.


If you buy the seats, you’ll get free JegS racing stickers.


You’ll never have to go back to the dealership.


They’ve got free jeg race stickers.


If we ever get tired of riding in our seats, we can easily order a new set of seats in our jeg seat rack.


They’re affordable.

They don’t come cheap.


They can handle a fair amount of abuse.


The seat rack has been designed with the rider in mind.


It’s easy to customize.

Check out our full Jeg seats racking rack review.

1) The seats look cool.

The jeg seats seats are really, really cool.

There are no other racking racks that look like this.

We’re a little jealous of our readers, because the seat designs look really cool too.

2) The seat height is adjustable.

It comes in at a comfortable 7″ and is adjustable from 10″ up. 3) The jefs seat height can be set up to fit a wider or narrower seat.

It can also be set to be the best seat for racing.

4) The rear seat back can be angled.

We found that the rear seats were pretty good at handling a wide seat, which was pretty impressive for a jegseat.

5) The front seats can be used for riding.

They come with a padded seat pad, a velcro harness, and a rear seat harness.

6) You can customize the back of the seat.

You have options for the size of the back pad, the angle of the angle, and the height of the front seat back.

7) You’ll have a chance to get a sticker for the seats.

They offer stickers for all kinds of Jeg sports.

You won’t have to deal with the dealer for that, either.

8) You have plenty of room.

The rear seats have a 3″ gap between the top of the seats and the back.

9) The wheels fit really well in the rear.

10) There are a bunch of accessories on the jegracing seat rack that you can buy to add a bit of flair.

Check it out!

We have a complete jegrace seat rack review here.

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