The Lad: British Racing Green

The Lad, the racing series created by former racing driver Stewart Hause and his son Stewie, is one of the longest-running and most popular of British sport.

Its run has been going for over 30 years and was launched in 1996, and its first race took place in 1988.

The series has had a huge influence on both the sport and the lives of its viewers, and it continues to do so to this day. 

Hause has had to adapt to new rules and regulations and the rise of social media has made it hard to keep up with the pace of changes.

The Lad had its first TV series, The Race of Champions, in 2014, but has struggled to maintain viewership after it was cancelled in 2016, but the series is expected to return this year.

The team has a long history of successful racing, having raced in a number of championships including the Tour de France, and the series has always had a strong presence in the UK. 

In addition to the British racing green and the British Racing green, the Lad also features a number more exotic cars, like a Formula 1-style car that goes around corners, and a McLaren P1-style race car that makes its debut in the series. 

“The Lad is one sport that has evolved, in the sense that the sport has grown,” says Hause.

“It has evolved from being something that was done by kids and that was about racing.

It was about having fun, and now we have this sport that people want to watch.” 

The Lad, which has a history of going for 30 years, has its first ever British race, in 1986. 

The race is held in the village of Fenton in the Vale of Glamorgan, with a focus on sport and racing.

The race starts at 8am local time and the first race is at 10am local. 

(Image credit: Stewart Hase)The Lad will return in 2019 to run the series in a new format, but will have a much different focus than the racing green.

Hause says it’s important to keep the focus on the sport, and he hopes that fans will come back to the series and enjoy it.

“I think there are so many more things that are out there that they can do with the Lad, and so many different aspects that can be explored,” he said.

“So the way the Lad is structured and the way that it’s produced, I think that there is an opportunity for people to have that passion that we have, and I think the audience for the Lad will continue to grow.” 

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