Why the helmet wars are on: $1,000,000 in prize money

There’s no question that the helmet craze has been a boon for the sport of track racing.

In addition to the money raised by the helmet contest, it has also created a new generation of fans who have a passion for racing and a deep appreciation for the art of making a helmet.

But that doesn’t mean it is the only reason to go racing, according to Michael Stroud, founder of the American Racing Helmets Association.

“You could argue the entire world’s sport of racing, including the most prestigious ones, is now based around the helmet,” Stroud told Fox News.

“If you want to get a helmet to the next level, then you can’t go without the helmets, you have to get them right.”

Stroud’s association is the largest motorcycle helmet association in the United States and includes manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, Harley, Triumph, BMW, Suzuki, and Ford.

In 2017, the association raised $1.1 million to help build the world’s first helmet factory in Michigan, which was eventually completed in 2019.

Stroud said the organization is also working with other helmet makers to develop new products, such as helmets that incorporate the latest safety technology, and to expand the range of helmets available to the racing public.

“There’s a lot of potential,” St.roud said.

“It’s just a matter of time.”

St.roud and the other owners of the race shop have a point.

The sport of motorcycling has been dominated by helmets for decades.

From the early 1960s to the mid-1980s, only about 10 percent of racers wore helmets, according a 2017 article in Sports Illustrated.

But after the helmet industry was crushed by the introduction of the new synthetic materials and carbon fiber, the sport was transformed in the 1990s.

The sport of racetrack racing has seen a dramatic transformation in recent years.

The average racing helmet size has increased from 4.5 inches to 8.5, according an infographic produced by the American Raceway Association.

The trend has been fueled by the popularity of the helmet, which has been widely available for the last 15 years.

“It’s like the motorcycle industry is on the cusp of something big,” Stooth said.

In recent years, the American Motorcycle Association, the governing body for the motorcycle racing industry, has encouraged the use of racing helmets.

The organization’s Executive Director, Gary Williams, said the sport is about more than just the helmet.

“For the last five or six years, our sport has been getting the best of everything, so the time is right for us to get ahead of the game and to make sure we get all of the latest innovations,” Williams said.

Williams also pointed to the growing popularity of social media.

“I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more people buying the helmets and social media going forward,” Williams told Fox.

The helmet craves a new audienceThe sport is now being influenced by social media, too.

The National Motorcycle Safety Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the safety of motorcyclists, estimates that 1.2 million people in the U.S. have used social media to connect with others about the sport.

In the last year, the helmet community has grown by about 200,000 people, according the organization.

St.ooth said the helmet boom is not only good for the industry, but good for people.

“I think the biggest thing that we’re seeing is that people are really connected and have an affinity for this sport,” Strouts said.

“People are seeing it as a way of expressing themselves and to be more positive in their lives and in their community.”

When you see people, whether they’re racing, whether it’s just hanging out, whether their kids are racing, people are having a great time.

And when you see that, it makes a big difference.

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