Which is better? Sprint cars or racing games?

The title says it all: “Which is better?”

The answer: the racing games.

While both have their merits, I think the games that stand out are those that have been ported to mobile devices.

Here’s why: • Speedster, a game that was developed by The LEGO Group for the Nintendo DS and PSP, and ported to the Android platform, is a great example of a game ported from console to mobile.

The story of Speedster is one of a group of kids who are sent to the moon to fight an evil alien invasion.

While the game was originally released in 1999, the game has been translated to Android and iOS platforms and the sequel, Speedster 2, is also available on mobile devices, albeit at a lower level of quality than the original game.

• In Mario Kart: Double Dash, the classic Mario Kart series is coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

The game was developed and published by Koei Tecmo and Nintendo, and is one I would consider an improvement over the WiiWare versions.

While I’m not a huge Mario Kart fan, I love the fact that the game can be played on both Nintendo DS/Wii and Android.

• Last but not least, the best example of the portable game genre is the classic Sonic game for the Sega Genesis.

Sonic has become a staple of modern gaming thanks to the amazing 3D graphics of the Mega Drive, but he was originally developed for the PC and Mac computers.

With the success of the Sonic 2, Sonic Advance, and Sonic 3 series, the series is now being adapted for smartphones and tablets.

• While these games are great, the reality is that the portable gaming world has yet to see a full-fledged handheld gaming experience.

For some, it’s the handheld version of their favorite video game, but for others, it will be a simple handheld title like Angry Birds.

With a new generation of handheld games in the works, I hope to see more mobile titles that bring a more streamlined experience to the table.

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