Red Bull Racing has just announced the first full-season KTM R1200RT RSR Racing Wheels

The company has confirmed that the RSR series will be launching this spring with the R1200 RT RSR, which is also available with an upgraded version of the same tire.

The new RTR has an updated set of sidewall characteristics that are a result of a major tire upgrade.

We are also looking forward to seeing the RTR RT’s performance in the track.

“This is the first time in history that Red Bull has ever used a full-time manufacturer of racing wheels,” said Maximilian Schmid, Head of Racing Technology at Red Bull RSR.

“This is an amazing opportunity for Red Bull to build a true racing wheel for the RTM.

This will be the first of several new RSR racing wheels that will be introduced over the coming years.”

The RTRRT is a three-piece racing wheel that has been designed and manufactured by Red Bull, with the chassis being made by KTM.

The chassis and wheels have been extensively tested and tested to provide a perfect fit for the 2017 RTM series.

This means that a full range of performance is possible with this wheel.

The RSRRT has been built for the 2016 and 2017 RRT series.

In addition to its new wheels, the RTRT also includes a revised set of front and rear stabilizers, and the RTRAV rear axle with an enhanced air dam.

Red Bull says that the RTRs are designed to have better grip than before.

The RTRTRT is available for $3,900, while the RTARRTRTRRTR is available with $3.00 less, which includes an RS8S air dam, and a revised rear suspension with an updated air dam with a wider wheelbase.

The RTRT RTR is a full two-year commitment.


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