Williams Racing, Penske Racing to hold meeting on 2017 Honda P1

Williamson Racing is expected to hold a meeting this week to discuss its plans for next year with Penske Motorsports, its owner, and the team said on Friday.The meeting was first reported by Motorsport.com and was not immediately confirmed by Penske.Willson Racing announced in January that it would discontinue production of its race car forRead More

When is the best time to ride your son’s motorcycle?

Posted January 15, 2018 17:20:24 In 2017, more than 3,300 people rode in the Sonoma County mountains.Now it seems as though a handful of riders have been left with more questions than answers as to what is the optimal time to pedal in a bike race.Racing shoes have become a popular alternative to cycling shoes,Read More

Why did Formula One take such a dive in 2017?

It’s a long-running debate.One that has taken place since the introduction of the FIA’s new governance structures in 2017.In 2018, the FIA was the biggest beneficiary of the change in governance structure, with Formula One revenue falling by $6bn and its revenue share to 65.5%.However, it was still a relatively strong performer in 2018, asRead More

Which race has the best driver line-up?

NASCAR is gearing up to put together a new “race day” for this weekend’s season opener in Florida.And the first one of its kind in the country.NASCAR has put together an extensive lineup of drivers for this year’s race, with a full slate of names, from Kevin Harvick to Matt Kenseth to Tony Stewart toRead More

How to become a champion in the Oak Lawn Racing World

1.Make sure your car has been inspected by an expert.A car can be inspected for damage or for missing parts.If it’s damaged, there’s a good chance it won’t qualify for the title.In some cases, you can get an appointment with an inspector who can inspect your car for damage before you race.2.Don’t be afraid toRead More

Which is better? Sprint cars or racing games?

The title says it all: “Which is better?”The answer: the racing games.While both have their merits, I think the games that stand out are those that have been ported to mobile devices.Here’s why: • Speedster, a game that was developed by The LEGO Group for the Nintendo DS and PSP, and ported to the AndroidRead More

Which racing games do you want to play now?

The video game industry is one of the most valuable assets that an Irish company can have.The gaming industry is a very competitive and highly skilled one, and the industry has to be able to survive.For example, the games we all know about today are not what they used to be, like Street Fighter IIRead More

Why is the Fanduel Horse Racing Show not a show?

The FanduLions show will still happen.Fandulein said it will still have a lot of live content for fans to see on social media, like live pre- and post-show interviews with the cast and producers, and more.The show will continue to have the FANDU LIONS logo, which is now only a banner in front of theRead More

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