How to protect your ears and eyes in the Nairobi dust storm

Nairoby is one of the hottest areas in the world, and dust storms are becoming more common as the dust from a series of storms continues to move.

The National Weather Service says dust storms have been a daily occurrence in the capital since November 1.

“In the last three weeks, there have been three major dust storms in the past two weeks.

The storm has been affecting the lives of people in Nairobakaras and the surrounding areas, and has caused severe damage to homes and businesses. “

The wind is getting stronger and we are seeing more storms, but at the moment, we are not seeing any significant change in the weather,” said the meteorologist, David Brown.

The storm has been affecting the lives of people in Nairobakaras and the surrounding areas, and has caused severe damage to homes and businesses.

In Nairobes capital, there were four fires reported by the National Emergency Coordination Centre, which includes the NAF, which also has the National Disaster Management Authority.

Firefighters were called to three fires in Nabyakabazar, a community of about 200 residents, and three fires near the Bwali National Park in Mombasa, the NAP said.

Mombasa’s Deputy Mayor Mwenda Ndege said the National Agency for Disaster Management (NADA) was mobilizing its staff and personnel to the capital to handle the emergency.

Nairobi has been hit by dust storms before, but this is the most severe, said Ndegee.

Many homes and shops have been destroyed by the dust storm, and residents in Mwanga and other areas have been advised to evacuate, said the NHA.

Some areas of the capital are being treated for high levels of COVID-19, and those who were ill in the dust are being tested.

There are more than 50 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Kenya, and more than 1,400 people have tested positive, with the most recent data showing the number of confirmed cases in December being 3,700.

The National Agency of Disaster Management and Emergency Management (NAFDEM) is coordinating the response of the NIA.

At least three schools have been closed in the Kenyan capital due to the storm, which the National School Resource and Development Agency said has been taking a toll on children’s learning.

As of Thursday, there are more severe storms expected in the next week, NDEEM said.

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