Summit Racing Catalog to open, offer ‘Schnitz’ racing catalog online

Summit Racing, a racing and toy company, announced today that it will open a new online catalog called Schnitz Racing, in addition to the existing online catalog, which already has an impressive roster of more than 2,000 races and activities.

The new catalog will be available on the Summit Racing app and will include everything from race details, schedules and race photos to information about the races and their drivers, like race winner, car and track names, and more.

Summit Racing will also be launching a new racing and entertainment hub for all of the content that is currently in the Summit Racer store, including events and content like the upcoming Masters of Racing: Season 2.

“The Summit Racing catalogue is one of the largest on the market, and we’re excited to partner with Summit Racing to bring our racing experience to a new level,” said Tim Lomax, president and CEO of Summit Racing.

“We’re pleased to welcome the Schnitz family to the Summit racing catalogue and look forward to seeing the incredible product that they will create.” 

Schneiz Racing’s Schnitz racing catalog will include events, race details and more, including photos, race winners, cars and track numbers.

Summit’s Schniz racing catalog is already one of Summit’s most popular racing titles, but Summit Racing is also planning to offer a new race series, a new driver-only series, and a new event format called the Schniz Racing Tour, which will allow fans to test their skills in a variety of scenarios. 

Schnitzer Racing has been in business since 1997, and it operates in the United States and Canada.

The company has built up a large, loyal following of racing fans and enthusiasts. 

The Schnitz team will bring all of their Schnitz Racers to the new Schnitz catalog.

“Our focus for the upcoming season will be on the sport’s most challenging racers, and our goal is to give fans the most authentic, accurate, and accessible racing experience,” said Mike Schnitzer, CEO of Schnitz.

“I am excited to see what we can accomplish with the new series and I look forward the challenge of bringing these racing fans together in the new catalog.” 

Summit Racing has made it easy for fans to participate in a growing range of races, activities and more through its online and social media platforms. 

For more information on Schnitz, visit the company’s website.

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