Ferrari Veyron – 2017 Ferrari V14 racer results

A vintage racing jacket from the 1960s has gone on sale at the Giro d’Italia, where Ferrari won the race in 1963.

The jacket features the signature “L” and is a tribute to the Girelli team, who had been racing the Ferrari in Italy since the early 1950s.

The jacket has a Veyon logo on the front, and the G-series logo in the lapel.

“It’s a very special jacket, it’s a piece of history,” Giro official Paul Collignon told

“It was in the Gires collection, it was used by the Giselle family, it had a long life, and it was the one jacket that they used to go into the race.”

The jacket was first offered for sale in April at the Ferrari auction house, with an initial asking price of $9,000.

The seller now says it’s expected to sell for $10,000, with the proceeds going to the charity Giro.

The first Veyons arrived at the circuit in 1964, and they were used by many teams, including the infamous Lotus team.

The Veyrons were used in every Grand Prix until 1971, when the Veyeon became the official Ferrari racing vehicle, and then were phased out of the team for several years.

The Giro is known for its vintage racing gear, but the jacket is unique in its design.

It’s the first racing jacket with a V14 engine, but it is powered by an 856bhp V12.

Ferrari has always been known for the design of its engines, and this jacket is one of the only examples with a red stripe on the rear of the jacket.

“They have been working on this jacket for a while, but we just got it, so we had to wait,” Collign on the jacket said.

“I’ve been working with a lot of vintage racing jackets, and I’ve always wanted to design a jacket that’s unique.”

We wanted to bring something different, something different from the other jackets, but at the same time, the Gresle brothers were racing in the same car as us and so we wanted to have a unique jacket that would fit in with that.

“The Ferrari Véron is one that the brothers race, and as a tribute, the Ferrari has the ‘L’ logo on it.”

The Gires jacket is now up for auction, with its asking price set at $1,000 and a maximum bid of $5,000 for a limited edition edition.

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