RACING: ‘It’s the next generation’

When racing games are built on the premise that players are racing cars, you get the idea that a racing game needs to be incredibly fast.

For example, a game like Codemasters’ NASCAR 2: World Series can be considered fast by modern standards, but it’s a far cry from the speed that players will need to be running in a car in order to beat the game.

“The idea is that racing games should be fun for all kinds of people,” says Chris Williams, who founded the racing game development company Racing Games.

“It should be fast.

It should be competitive.

It shouldn’t be frustrating.

It needs to make you feel like you’re really racing.”

A fast racer has become the mantra for many of racing games over the last decade, and Williams is one of those who has embraced it.

“If you can make something that feels really fast, people will come back to it,” he says.

“People want fast, fast cars.

People want to be racing fast.”

Williams is now working with Codemaster to make a racing sim called Racing Champions, which will offer players the same level of speed, but in an arcade-style environment.

It will be released in September.

And that’s where things get interesting.

The biggest hurdle Williams faces is getting the game into the hands of a wider audience.

“There’s no real reason to play a racing car game,” he explains.

You need to get people playing the game that you think is going to be the most fun for them.” “

To do that, you need to have a big following.

You need to get people playing the game that you think is going to be the most fun for them.”

Williams says that a number of factors are at play here.

“When we made NASCAR 2, the car was a little bit too big,” he admits.

“A lot of people played the car in a racing simulator.”

So when the game was finally released, the developer added a little extra to the car to make it feel even faster.

“This is the first time in history that a real car has been designed for racing,” Williams says.

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