Top Gear UK’s online racing series returns online

BBC News (UK) – 14 July 2017Top Gear UK is back online, with a new live show.

The popular sports car and motorcycle series has been online for more than two years, but has only recently made it available to the UK public, starting on 7 July.

The BBC’s new online show, called Top Gear: Live, will be a one-hour event with new live content every day from now until the end of the year.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how many new fans come through our doors,” said Jeremy Clarkson, the presenter.

“For the past year we’ve been working closely with fans on the forums and social media to make sure we get them as excited as possible.”

The series, which first launched in 2013, has been hugely popular on the UK’s BBC2, Sky, Virgin and Channel 4.

It is now being simulcast on the BBC’s YouTube channel and the BBC iPlayer.

The BBC said the series was “the perfect platform for a new wave of fans to come through” with new content every Friday, from 7.30pm to 10pm.

It said new shows would also air online each Saturday.

It was a “challenge to make it to this stage”, Clarkson said.

“It’s something we’ll be working towards for the foreseeable future.”

A BBC spokesman said: “We want the show to be as accessible as possible to all, but that means that we will have to make some changes to how we deliver our online shows.”

In the past, the live show has been available online at 8pm every night, and we have been able to use this platform to introduce new shows to the public every weekday, Monday and Friday.””

We are delighted to have Top Gear back online and excited to get people excited about the future of our racing series,” the BBC said.

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