More drivers, more teams, and more money at VMS racing wheel

VMS Racing Wheel, the racing wheel that started as a Kickstarter project and was purchased by VMS Motorsports earlier this year, is now going public.

The stock version of the VMS Sport is priced at $9,999 and the VM Sport is currently available for preorder at $16,999.

It will also launch with a price tag of $17,999 at motorsports manager Brian Stuckart says the new racing wheel has more options than its predecessor.

“There’s the option to go up to two inches and the top is a little bit higher and the bottom is a lot higher, but they also added in a bigger brake disc,” Stuckard says.

“So the wheels are just a lot more powerful and you get more grip.

The biggest change that we’re making is that we’ve added an electronic speed control.”

Stuckart adds that the new VMS has more sensors to improve track performance and also a better powerband to make sure the track is at peak efficiency.

The wheel is designed to go from 0-60mph in just 3.8 seconds, and its top speed is 155mph.

It also has a larger front tire, a wider axle, and a bigger wheelbase, Stuckert says.

“It has the ability to go through a few different things and it can also handle different things,” Stucky says.

Stuckard points out that the wheel has a different look than the old one, and has a better grip.

It’s also a little larger, with more wheels, and the powerband is also a bit larger.

The VMS also has an aluminum body that has been redesigned to be lighter.

It weighs about 5 pounds, and it has a 10-speed gearbox, Stucky adds.

Stucky says VMS motorsport is looking to launch its first car, a Ford Mustang GT, later this year.

The company also plans to launch a roadster version of its racing wheel in 2018.

Sticking with a track-focused sports car, VMS will also roll out a range of other racing wheel options for 2018.

The new racing wheels will be available for $1,999 in the US, $1:1 in Canada, and $1 per tire in Europe.

The company also has plans to release an aluminum racing wheel for 2019, with a top speed of 150mph.

Stucky also said that the company is in discussions with a number of manufacturers to produce a racing wheel.

“We’ve been talking to a number,” Stucksart says.

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