‘Racing: A sport that’s got it all!’ – The Sunday Times

Racing: A Sport that’s had it all, says BBC Sport’s Matt Cole, as he celebrates the birth of the first BBC sports presenter.

The first woman to host a live race in the UK.

The BBC’s first sports presenter to hold a degree in sport journalism.

It all starts with an event called The Royal Old Races, in which racers set out for a race at a venue on a hillside.

In 1964, Jackie Stewart won the race.

A few years later, the first woman held the title.

It is now a BBC Sport event every year.

Cole, who grew up in Derby, now runs the BBC Sport website.

He said: “It’s a sport that has got it down to a science, it has got its own rules, it’s a unique and wonderful sport.”

It’s one that has had a lot of controversy over the years, because there are some people who feel it’s just another sport to be played on a television screen, which it is not.

The Royal Old Race is the first event that has been broadcast on television. “

But to date, it remains the first race of its kind to be broadcast on BBC television.”

The Royal Old Race is the first event that has been broadcast on television.

It has been watched by more than 30 million people, and that is a record.

“There is an enormous amount of pride and emotion in Derby today for that event.”

In its history, The Royal Race has been the subject of fierce debate over whether it was the first ever live sporting event to be televised on TV.

It was the event that prompted the creation of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award in 1964.

The first race in Britain has been held on TV since 1966.

BBC Sport has hosted over 300 races in the past 40 years.

The BBC’s Sports Personality award is given to the most influential, influential and successful sportswriter, journalist, presenter, broadcaster, or radio personality in the world.

Cole said: There’s a big amount of money involved in being a presenter.

“We have to be in the driving seat to get the sport going, to get people excited, to make sure it’s on television,” he said.

“And to do that, you have to make a living and be able to survive.”

I’ve seen so many sports people who are struggling and have just given up.

And it’s not just a race, it is a life.

It’s a lifestyle, and if you’re going to give up, it would be a tragedy.

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