How did we get here? Race of the Century: The race that broke the world’s speed record – and won’t stop – in a car

A racing car that took the world by storm in 1966 is to be restored to racing glory.

The first race to be held in Australia was the Adelaide Motor Show in 1965 and it was won by a Ford GT350.

The race was a success, but it was never broadcast on television and never broadcast in Australia.

Now the race is set to return in 2019, in a bid to become the first race of the century to be broadcast on radio.

A special race was held at the Adelaide Exhibition Centre on February 23.

The Australian Racing Corporation (ARCA) has been asked to prepare a series of documentaries on the event.

The race is a rare event in Australia because it was a one-off race, and no Australian manufacturer or team was allowed to enter it. “

Our objective is to restore the Adelaide motor race to its former glory.”

The race is a rare event in Australia because it was a one-off race, and no Australian manufacturer or team was allowed to enter it.

“The race was the first ever to be aired on television,” Mr McCollam said.

“It’s a rare occasion for the Australian racing industry to be able show the full story of what happened at the time, to show the car at its best and to do that in a way that has a broader public audience in mind.”

“It will be a once-in-a-lifetime event in that it will bring the community together, and the community will be thrilled to see this magnificent piece of racing history returned to the public eye.”

ARCA’s head of media, Mark Goggin, said the race’s restoration was an important one.

“To have the opportunity to return the Adelaide car to racing mode is a great honour,” he said.

It’s not the first time ARCA has been tasked with restoring a car in Australia, with the first car, the 1967 Ford GT40, having been restored in 2009.

The car has been restored to its original condition and will be displayed in the ARCA museum in Adelaide until at least 2019.

Mr McCllum said the ARACA wanted to restore as much of the car as possible.

“We want to get the car to its best before it goes on display in Adelaide,” he explained.

This is the first one in Australia that will be restored as it was in 1967 and we want to ensure we do the same.”

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