How to avoid injury from head-on crashes

Head-on car crashes are one of the biggest challenges we face as sport and have already seen significant numbers of deaths.

Now, scientists have developed a way to prevent these catastrophic crashes in the lab.

The new research has been published in the journal Nature Communications.

The researchers are using a new method of measuring head-ons to measure the distance between the driver and the car in a head-first crash.

It’s not the first time researchers have created a device to help prevent these deadly collisions, but the new technique works differently.

Instead of just measuring the head-over-the-head (WOT) distance, the researchers also measure the force required to pull the car over the body of the other vehicle.

In this way, the team was able to use the measurement of head-off distance to calculate how much force the other car had to exert to drive the head into the driver.

This is the first study to use a method to calculate head-overs-the top (WOTS) distance in head-to-head collisions.

This distance is the maximum force required by the car to push the driver into the other road.

Previous research has used this WOT measurement to calculate the forces that can be applied by a driver to push a car into another car.

This is because the head over the top distance has a large impact on the maximum forces that the driver can apply to the other driver.

In this study, the new WOT distance measurement also measures the impact of the driver’s head over top on the vehicle.

This gives the researchers the ability to calculate maximum forces on the other side of the WOT.

The scientists developed this new method by measuring the force of the impact on a pair of objects, one a stationary object and the other a moving vehicle.

The vehicle was placed on the ground at an angle of about 30 degrees and then the car was moved.

The researchers found that the two objects did not move at the same speed as one another, which meant that the vehicle had to make more head-unders to push one object into the ground.

Instead, the car’s head-down velocity was measured to be close to 0.1 seconds, which is faster than the speed of sound.

After measuring the impact, the scientists calculated the maximum impact forces on one of two different car configurations: the front end was pushed by the front wheel and the rear end was pulled by the rear wheel.

The team then calculated the difference in force between the front and rear wheels, using the formula: f(x,y) = (x – y)/f(x+y).

The researchers found the difference was approximately 1.2kg per second.

They then looked at how much head-back was needed for the driver to pull over the other cars body.

This was calculated as: f((x,z) – y)(x + z), where x is the car and y is the distance from the vehicle to the driver, where z is the acceleration.

This means the vehicle’s total head-out distance was 0.7kg per kilo (kilogram) of force applied.

The team found that using the new measurement allowed them to accurately calculate the maximum head-backs needed to push another car into the body and to predict how many of these could be achieved in a single head-by-head collision.

The results suggest that a new driver with a high level of skill can pull over a vehicle with a much smaller head-through distance, even when the vehicle is travelling in a straight line.

To be honest, I was worried about the paper.

I was pretty sure that I had seen this work before and I was wondering if it would be worth trying it myself.

It wasn’t.

But I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m not going to lie, I have been studying head-downs for quite some time now and have done some of my own research on this topic.

But, as I’m sure most of you know, this is a pretty new area of research.

It’s not just a new technology, but it is actually a very interesting and important subject.

You can see how this work was done in this amazing video from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): I highly recommend watching this video.

It shows exactly how the new research was done, which includes the use of a new device called the “NHTRA Head-Over-Top” Device.

How to Avoid Head-ons: The new device measures the head’s impact on an object on the side of a vehicle, such as a car or a motorcycle, and calculates the maximum mass of the object being pushed.

Then it uses that mass to calculate a

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