Why the K1 Race Drone is an incredible tool for racing fans

A few months ago, we got a chance to speak with the folks at K1 Racing, the folks who are behind the K-1 racing drone.

While they were not going to reveal any details of the drone’s specifications, we were able to learn that it’s a capable, lightweight, race drone that can be controlled by a single button press, a feature that was previously exclusive to the K2 racing drone and the K3 racing drone that were launched last year.

The K1 is also an incredibly easy-to-use platform for the vast majority of racing drone owners to use.

We’re talking about a drone that’s easy to get into, easy to use, and can be easily swapped out in case something happens.

The K1 race drone, which is being released in early 2019, features a unique feature called a “K-1 Speed Control,” which allows the drone to keep its speed even when the throttle is lowered.

The controller is not limited to a single controller or any particular mode.

Instead, it has a slew of buttons to change the drone in all sorts of different ways, including a throttle control, a gyro, and a speed control that can change between two different speeds.

It’s very much a combination of a throttle and gyro control, and it allows the Kone to stay in control even when it’s flying into the air.

While it’s not the most sophisticated, K1 claims it is the most advanced control available for a drone of this type, and they hope to bring it to other racing series as well.

In terms of speed, the KOne sports a 5K continuous gyro system, a speed sensor, and an integrated camera that can record video and other data from its camera.

That’s pretty much all the information the KI will need to keep it safe, and the drone can be adjusted to have different speeds depending on the speed settings.

When the controller is in a different speed setting, the drone will still stay in that speed setting.

K1 also includes a 3.3V LiPo battery and can support a range of 6-7 hours on a single charge.

The drone is currently only available in two colors: black and white, but we’ll likely see the company expand the offerings of its race drone lineup as it gets closer to the end of 2019.

The only other racing drone currently on the market with the K One feature is the K4 race drone and it offers similar features, including the ability to use different controllers and a range-topping 4K continuous-rate gyro.

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