Why I’m racing on Fuji Rock

Enjuku Racing has announced it will be joining the ranks of Fuji Rock Racing with the introduction of its latest addition, Fuji Rock Ultra, a four-wheel drive, all-wheel-drive road vehicle that will be offered in three models and will cost just under £4,000.

“This new version of our Fuji Rock will be a true benchmark for all Japanese motorsport, with a true sports car for racing,” said Enjku CEO, Akira Takai.

“Enjuku’s technology and passion for the sport of motorsport has been recognised in the racing industry since 2007, and we’re delighted to join forces with Fuji Rock to create a truly innovative product.”

“Fuji Rock Ultra is a sporty, performance-oriented, all weather road vehicle designed for off-road racing,” continued Takai, “which we are excited to offer to our racing customers.

Fuji Rock ultra will be available in three versions, a road model priced at £4.0 million and a race model priced between £6.0 and £8.0million, and will be launched in Japan in April 2019. “

The Fuji Rock family will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next year, so this will be an exciting time to be a part of the Enjukis team.”

Fuji Rock ultra will be available in three versions, a road model priced at £4.0 million and a race model priced between £6.0 and £8.0million, and will be launched in Japan in April 2019.

The road model is based on Fuji’s new X-Type platform and features the new Fuji X3 platform with its latest powertrain, which includes a 3.8-litre four-cylinder engine.

The race model is a four door coupe with an all-new design and will have an all new engine and powertrain.

Both versions will be fitted with a four speed manual transmission, and the road model will come with the optional X2-XR transmission.

“Fujis innovative X-type engine is the driving force behind this new vehicle,” said Fuji Racing CEO, Shinji Yamamoto.

“We are pleased to be able to work with Enjus engineers on this new model, which has been developed with the input of our racing team.

Fuji Racing is very proud of our heritage of innovation and driving performance and is confident that Fuji Rock’s new engine will give the Fuji Rock a great performance and feel.”

Fuji Racing will also be offering the new model in two other models, a two-seater and a sport utility vehicle.

The sport utility model will be priced between €8.5million and €9.5 million and will feature the same 3.6-litres V6 engine and transmission as the road and race models.

The Sport Utility will also feature a 6-speed manual transmission and the new X2 drivetrain, while the two-seat model will feature a two seat configuration with the same engine as the Sport Utility and 6-speeds.

“I am very proud to announce that Fuji Racing has chosen us as their official tyre supplier for this new generation of Fuji rock,” said Takai of the decision.

“Our new Fuji Rock Sport Utility is designed to deliver performance and performance at a price that will make it affordable to both experienced and casual road and track racers.

It will be Fuji’s first road racing tyre to use Fuji X-Tronic technology, and it will also use a new generation Tronic technology which is specifically designed for the Fuji X series.”

The new models will be sold at the Fuji Racing website at an initial price of €8,500, and then will be made available for purchase at the Japanese market from a base price of between €12,500 and €16,000, depending on model.

Fuji’s X-series is one of Japan’s fastest growing segments of motorsports and has attracted interest from many European manufacturers including Renault, Ford and Mercedes.

Fuji is currently the only Japanese company to be part of a Formula One team, and its recent entry into the European F3 series has seen its performance surge in recent years.

Fuji has also recently launched a brand new sports utility vehicle, the Enjoi, with its new driver and team owner, Masanori Fujita.

Fuji will be joined by a number of European and North American manufacturers in the next two years, including Audi, Daimler, Ford, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Toyota and Volvo.

“From a technical point of view, Fuji’s engineering is based in Japan and its manufacturing operations are located in the United States, where Fuji Rock has its manufacturing facility and facilities,” said Fujita, who has previously worked for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Renault and Lamborghinis.

“Fujis new entry into Formula One has been very exciting for us, and with the backing of Fuji Racing we are confident that we can be the first team to build a Formula 1 car with Fuji X technology

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