Why Dragon Boat Racing’s Rig is the Most Fun Racing Rig

By now you’ve probably seen that Dragon Boat racing team has made a rig for sim racing that is almost identical to their Dragon boat.

We’ve also all heard of the dragon boat racing rig but what you may not know is that the rig is actually a full fledged racing rig for real life racing.

The rig itself is the exact same as the one used by the Dragon Boat team and that means that the racing rig is basically the same as a full-blown race car that’s been modified to the same specification.

The only difference is that this racing rig has been designed to work on a wide range of surfaces and not only on the asphalt. 

It’s a great rig that is going to give the Simmers some much needed horsepower. 

We had the chance to see the Dragon boat racing race rig and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. 

This is the real deal.

You can see how it’s made out in the video below.

The design is pretty straightforward with the same three sections on the underside of the rig.

It’s got two sets of wheels, two wheels with air springs, and one set of wheels with a solid block. 

There are no big air springs in the rig because the air is in the water rather than in the airbox.

This means that when the car hits the pavement it will not have any air in it.

The suspension setup is basically identical to the one that they use on their dragon boat, except the air box is completely removed from the front axle and the rear axle. 

As you can see in the picture below, the rig itself does not have a rear wheel because the front wheels are completely disconnected.

The whole rig is made out of two layers of steel tubing.

The airbox is completely disconnected from the rear wheel.

The air is stored in the front air box, which is just below the wheels. 

The rear wheels are not connected to the airboxes because they have no air in them. 

So, what does the real Dragon Boat racer need to do to get the real thing?

Well, they need to turn the engine up to 12,000rpm to see how much power they have left in the car.

The engine also needs to be at the same speed to start the car and then turn it back down to 12K rpm. 

They also need to take care of the cooling system and put the air inside the air boxes. 

Now that’s all very cool and I can’t help but think that the design of this racing boat is the best of any of the designs they have done in the past. 

You can read our full review of the Dragon Bowl Racing Rig here.

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