Trump campaign unveils ‘racing seats’ for its new campaign bus

In the latest in a long line of Trump campaign campaign ads, the campaign unveiled a brand-new campaign bus designed to make “racing” more attractive to voters.

The Trump campaign announced Thursday that the “America First” campaign bus will debut in November in California and Arizona, the states that went for the president last November.

The campaign says the bus will feature an “all-new design” that will “show the American people what a strong, prosperous, safe, prosperous nation we can be.”

The new campaign campaign bus also features an “America-First” slogan that “will inspire the American heart.”

The campaign also unveiled an “Racing Bucket Seat” campaign spot, which includes a “riding” model of a Trump campaign bus.

In a statement, the Trump campaign said it was “honored to partner with the world’s leading racing manufacturer to create this iconic campaign bus.”

The bus will be “an iconic campaign symbol that will be proudly displayed on the campaign bus during the November 4th holiday.”

In a Facebook post, the “RACING BUCKET SLEEVE” campaign team said they were excited to partner “with the world-renowned automotive company” to create the campaign vehicle.

The team also released a video highlighting the “All-New” campaign campaign campaign slogan.

The ad shows a crowd of “people, celebrities, politicians, celebrities and other celebrities” in the backseat of the new campaign car, as well as “a massive rally” to celebrate the election.

“The All-New America First Campaign Bus will be an iconic campaign icon that will have an America-First message and will be a must-have for any Trump voter,” the team wrote.

The “All New” campaign slogan, the team explained, was inspired by the slogan “The People’s Republic of Trump.”

The team noted that “The phrase ‘The People, the People First’ was also inspired by President Donald Trump’s slogan ‘The America First.’

In our campaign slogan ‘All New’ we have made sure that we keep the American People First.

We want to keep the people in the driver’s seat of our vehicles.

We will be focusing on all aspects of the campaign.

We are focusing on the economy, health care, jobs, education, the environment and the American public.”

The Trump team noted in the video that “Trump is leading the world in the number of Americans that believe they are America’s First.”

In addition to the new bus, the newly announced campaign has launched a website, and a Facebook page, “The America-first Bus” featuring images of the “rally bus” and a “TRUMP VOTE.”

The “Trump VOTE” page features a “RACE BUCKETS” banner and a message from the “all new America First” slogan.

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