Nothin is like a great burger, right? I used to love hamburgers! I admit it, I did, especially on the BBQ.

I have not had a regular hamburger for years but I have had some great RAW BURGERS!! Thank goodness for the dehydrator. Normally I do not eat a lot of dehydrated food but sometimes I crave the heavy, dense texture of dehydrated foods.

I have been working with a group opening up a Raw and Vegan restaurant in Naniamo, BC. Today we worked on perfecting a couple raw burgers. They turned out fantastic!! I thought I would put up a couple videos on how to make a dehydrated burger.

The first video is by Karen Knowler.


This summer when I am invited to a BBQ I am going to bring a plate of raw burgers and let people give the a try. Also, I can sit there along with the rest of them and have my burger along with some mayo and ketchup (all raw and made by me).

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