A new year and a new start. Most people have “eating cleaner” on their lists of things to do in the new year. I hope they do anyway. We all strive to do our best but over the holidays things slide and we do consume too many “good” food (good tasting) that are probably “bad” for us.

I know many people also would like to lose weight and may have that as their focus for the new year. What I encourage people to focus on is improving health. If you really clean up your diet, eat more foods that are healthy for you and get rid of the ones that are not, you will gain health and you will lose weight. The focus really should be on health. There are many ways to lose weight but you may not gain health.

If you are just starting on the healthy path then take it one step at a time, be patient and be consistent. You will notice benefits and that will keep you on the path. Below I have written out some suggestions for you to eat healthier in the new year (note they are in no particular order). The list is also followed by a recipe.

Suggestions For Cleaning Up Your Diet In The New Year

  • Stop eating (or cut down on) dairy, meat and junk food
  • Have at least 1 large salad a day
  • Add various greens and veggies to your salads
  • Drink 1-2 green juices or smoothies a day
  • Make almond milk instead of purchasing soy or almond milk from grocery store
  • Consume various greens such as kale, Swiss chard, mustard greens, arugula, collards, etc.
  • Make a big batch of coleslaw and have in fridge ready to eat
  • Have a jar of sauerkraut or other fermented veggies in fridge
  • Make raw soups and heat them up a bit if you want something warm
  • Saute various greens along with cabbage, garlic, ginger and coconut oil
  • Add seaweed (such as dulse and wakame, etc) to your salads, soups and/or snacks
  • Make some quinoa and keep in fridge to add to salads, warm up with sauteed veggies or have with any sauce or dressing
  • Make nori rolls (without the rice) and rice wraps for something different. Rice wraps are great because they will last in the fridge for a couple of days.
  • Thaw frozen peas and add with quinoa or in salads
  • Wash and cut veggies, put in storage containers in fridge so are ready throughout the week to add to salads or to make a veggie stir-fry
  • Add Spirulina, Chlorella, Marine Phytoplankton or a powdered greens mixture to your smoothies or juices for extra nutrients such as iron, chlorophyl, iodine, minerals and trace minerals
  • Have chia gel prepared in your fridge to add to smoothies or in a breakfast cereal
  • Have frozen bananas, mangos and berries in fridge for breakfast and smoothies
  • Have some raw truffles or treats in the freezer to have when you want something sweet
  • Try 1 new recipe a week to keep it interesting
  • Here is a recipe you can try this week (this is not raw but is healthy and warming)


  • 3 Cups of chopped kale (or use a mixture of various greens and use as much as you want)
  • 2 Cups of chopped or shredded cabbage (any kind or a variety will do)
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Fresh ginger chopped or grated (about 1 Tbsp)
  • 1 Tbsp of coconut oil
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Braggs or Tamarin


  • Add coconut oil to a sauce or frying pan.
  • When heated, add the garlic and ginger
  • Add the cabbage and a bit of water. Cover with lid.
  • After cooking for about 2 minutes, add the kale and stir
  • I keep this covered for a few minutes
  • Remove lid and then stir around
  • Add 1 cap full of Apple Cider Vinegar (the one with “the mother” in it)
  • Add 2 Tbsp of Braggs or Tamari
  • Stir and turn heat to low for about 1 minute

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